Winterspring Studios is a creative video production
studio In Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.  We’ve helped
professionals & individuals tell their story with video for more
than ten years.  With our unique talents in film making,
photography, graphic design, illustration, and storytelling,
we create original productions for the Web and DVD.   The
origins of WinterSpring, were set in motion almost thirty
years ago when it’s owner, Dan Smith saved up enough
money to purchase a Super-8 sound movie camera & shot
his first independent film.  And even though the modern
high definition video tools at his disposal can create truly
beautiful, cinematic video, Dan knows that movie making is
more than just tools.  Movie making is visual storytelling, first
& foremost.  Cool cameras and cinematic techniques should
be used to serve the story, not define it.

Centrally located in Wisconsin Rapids, WinterSpring is only
minutes away from Stevens Point or Marshfield, & only a few
hours drive from almost anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.  
WinterSpring’s convenient,  downtown location provides a
real brick and mortar studio (operating full time) where you
can meet person to person with a video professional.  The
creative process of producing a video need not be
intimidating, and with WinterSpring Studios it will most likely
be a lot of fun.  Happy Storytelling.
WinterSpring Studios
Creative Video Production
Telling Your Story

HD Mastered Digital Filming & Editing
Web & DVD Production
Motion Graphics & FX
DVD Duplication

Imaging & Media Services
Videotape, Movie and Media Transfer
Photo Restoration & Manipulation
Film Scanning & Printing

244 West Grand Ave, Wisconsin Rapids WI 54495  
(715) 423-0085
To see how WinterSpring Studios  can help promote your
business, watch our featured video...

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