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Just For Fun

Fun and Unique

Here you will find videos that were just created for fun.

Cross the Line: A Clay Animation Video

Cross the Line is a claymation adventure featuring Beebo in his first film debut.Presented at The Grim Natwick Animation Film Festival in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, Cross the Line is a fun little 2 minute story about... Yep. You guessed it: crossing the line.

Claymation, clay animation, or stop-motion is an animation process much like cell or hand drawn animation. All involve filming 1 single frame at a time.  Side note: it takes at least 24 frames to create 1 second of a standard movie.  With the clay figures, you slightly move them, shoot a frame, then move them again.  Suffice to say, it takes a long time to create this kind of movie.  This is why modern computer animation has virtually eliminated clay, cell, hand drawn and stop-motion animation. 

Despite all that...I had a great deal of creative fun animating with clay.  Enjoyed my first year as a volunteer at the Grim Natwick Animation festival as well.  At the film festival I learned from other animators about rigging or bones. Rigging involves the creation of wire bones underneath your clay to give it support.  Something I was ignorant of.  Beebo had no 'bones', which made it more difficult to animate him. As his clay got warmer from the lights and handling, he became very loose and liquidy.  I solved this by giving him 'chill time' in the fridge, between shots


Chocolate Covered Bacon

A Light Hearted Hard Rock/ Metal Music Video

Winterspring Produced this music video for a local Wisconsin Rapids, hard rock band: Time To Kill. I picked this video for the screening room because it showcases our versatility,creativity, and sense of humor.



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