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Photo Restoration

All work done in-store, not sent out.

  • Retouch faded, cracked, dusty, or torn photos
  • Edit out people or objects
  • Colorize black and white photos
  • Enlargements up to 16x20
  • Digitize old negatives, slides, and photos

"In 1993 I was working at a camera shop when my coworker introduced me to Photoshop and the Macintosh. As an artist, I quickly grasped it's potential, investing countless hours learning the software. It was a magical time back then. With the click of a mouse my coworker and I wiped away cluttered backgrounds, healed blemishes and colorized black and white photographs. We were like picture wizards!"

Photo restoration Sample

Place your mouse on top of this picture to view the finished restoration.

Phone users just click on photo to change, click off to go back

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